Terms & Conditions

  1. All contracts with the buyer shall be subject to Polish law and to these terms and conditions.
  2. The contract with the buyer may until five working days from its conclusion be revoked by the seller, without the seller being liable for any compensation for damages.
  3. All prices stated in tenders are exclusive VAT, transport costs and all other duties, when applicable (ex works). An agreement comes into force when confirmed by us in writing or when we started to execute the order.
  4. For first time customers, the buyer must pay the wole amount for the order before receiving it. For long term customers invoices must, unless agreed otherwise, be paid within thirty days of invoice date, where after, after expiry of such period, the buyer shall be due 1% interest per month and/or part thereof for the amount of unpaid invoice. 
  5. Buyer shall moreover be due to seller all expenses of legal process and all costs incurred by us for the collection of the debt, both judicial and out-of-court costs.
  6. Periods of delivery stipulated by the seller may never be regarded as firm deadlines. 
  7. In cases of failure to deliver in time the seller must be notified of default in writing.
  8. The goods supplied shall remain the seller’s property until all seller’s invoices unpaid at that moment, including interest and expenses, have been paid.
  9. Unless otherwise agreed upon, the goods are at the risk of the customer from the time of delivery of the goods by us at the customers address (excluding discharge), even if they are still our property, and therefore even if the goods have been made available to the customer on approval for an agreed period of time.  
  10. If it is found upon delivery of the goods that they are damaged, the customer shall be obliged, before receiving these goods, to have a damage report drawn up by the forwarder, failing which no liability whatsoever can be accepted by us.
  11. The seller shall warrant proper operation of the goods appropriate to their nature and intended purpose in practice for a period of one year from the day of delivery to the party purchasing from the buyer, but for not more than two years from delivery to buyer. The burden of proof for defects shall reside with the buyer.
  12. All disputes which might arise from or as a result of an agreement as referred to in these terms and conditions, as well as from or as a result of agreements which are the consequence of such an agreement, shall be brought before and ruled on by the competent court in Poznan, Poland, unless we prefer to bring the dispute to the competent court in the place where the customer has his registered office or its resident.