Dark gray right corner sofa bed MHT 408


Practical corner sofa with sleeping function and a spacious bedding case. Made of a soft and easy-to-clean woven.

BeClean technology protects the fabric against the penetration of dirt and all kinds of stains. Thanks to the BeClean coating, the structure of the material remains intact, even if we pour out red wine or coffee, we have time to wipe the surface, without the risk that the liquid penetrates deep into the fiber. Because the sofa is often the central and most exploited element of the apartment furnishings, it must be made of durable and resistant materials. Now, thanks to fabrics made in BeClean technology, we will be able to enjoy the beautiful interior for many years without giving up what is the most important in life like playing with children and family gatherings.

Prices do not include transportation - net price loco Kostrzyn, Poland

Minimal order: 2 items

If you would like to order more than 10 pieces of one type of furniture please contact us for further discount. 

Minimum value of the entire order: 1000 EUR

Product details







Sleeping function


Container for bedding


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